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Self-Publishing For Fun And Profit

Brenda The Soulutionist

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The latest estimate published by Statista indicates that 4 million books are published annually, with 1.7 million of those being self-published. Deciding to self-publish can be scary and rewarding, fun, and profitable. Researching and understanding your options is essential to facilitate a hassle-free experience in the self-publishing journey. With thousands of books being self-published daily having the information to make sound decisions is paramount. This group’s monthly group coaching sessions, contest, blogs, and discussion board with additional paid and free courses will help you avoid many self-published book mistakes made by amateur self-publishers (No table of contents, poor editing, bad layouts, bad covers, and poor titles). This group is dedicated to helping you avoid those mistakes while guiding and supporting you through a self-publishing adventure that will lead to fun and profit.

Group Information

Three-Time Best Selling Author Brenda Warren, The Soulutionist, believes everyone has a story, and many have a burning desire to share. Others have a testimonial, mission, hobbies, or poetry they want to explore in book form. Brenda developed this group to help you self-publish whatever you would like to share.  Self-Publishing can be fun and profitable once you know what is required.

To help you along your self-publishing journey, this group will provide the following:

  1. Monthly Q & A and Coaching Zoom Sessions to be  held the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM EST
  2. Opportunities to collaborate with other self-publishing authors
  3. Paid and Free Courses to build your skills
  4. Guest Author Interviews
  5. Blogs dedicated to improving your self-publishing and writing skills
  6. Opportunities to share your writing skills
  7. Resources and more……..

Join Brenda The Solutionist's interactive group and get ready to unlock the secrets of self-publishing for fun and profit! With your one-time investment of $197, you will have unlimited access to an exclusive support system that can help you master the art of writing and publishing. Don't miss out on this invaluable opportunity – join now and take your writing career to new heights!

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